Simplify home energy retrofits for your customers

Snugg helps organisations of all sizes enable their customers to improve their home’s energy efficiency.

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Flexible integration options

Snugg can be wholly or partly integrated into your existing customer journey in several ways, providing unrivalled flexibility.

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Build your ​own ​component-integrated front-end

Setup takes days, not months

Integrating the Snugg tool can be done in a matter of days or weeks, depending on your chosen method.

And it’s not just you that can get up and running quickly. Your customers will be able to get their personalised home improvement plan in minutes, simply by entering a postcode and selecting their address.

Simple and easy to use

Retrofitting a home can be a complex process, but Snugg’s intuitive journey and class-leading UX simplify the customer experience into four easy steps.


Create a personalised home improvement plan


Compare retrofit costs and savings


See which grants you’re eligible for


Find a local installer

Who we work with

A team that’s aligned with your Net Zero goals

Steered by our CEO Robin Peters, the Snugg team is dedicated to simplifying home energy efficiency and helping the UK reach Net Zero.

Rooted in Edinburgh's data science hub, we're not just creating a tool or a platform. We're helping create a sustainable future with partners who share our vision for a greener future.

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Guiding UK homeowners towards Net Zero

21% of the UK's carbon emissions come from residential homes. While green financing grows, effective tools are needed to guide homeowners and residents to the right improvements.

Snugg helps organisations integrate our powerful yet easy-to-use platform into their offering, helping customers identify and action improvements, grants, installers and more.

In the process, Snugg enables organisations ​to ​meet their own Net Zero goals and improve their Scope 3 emissions.

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Awards & Accreditation

Snugg secures second round of government funding from GHFA

Jan 2024

Snugg and TSB win best fintech collaboration 2023 at Scottish Financial Technology Awards

Oct 2023

Snugg wins place on EY FinTech Growth Programme

Aug 2023

Snugg secures government funding from GHFA

May 2023

Snugg wins Scottish Financial Technology Rising Star Award

Oct 2022

Snugg wins place on TSB Innovation Labs programme

Sep 2022

Snugg wins competition to join Lloyds Banking Group Innovation Programme

APR 2022

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Frequently asked questions

How much could Snugg reduce my energy bills?

The amount you could save will vary depending on your needs and circumstances. You can find out for free using the Snugg platform. You'll get a list of the energy efficiency measures you could put in place in your home, along with estimates of how much making each change could save you on your energy bills. We base estimates on your type of home, the type of installation and current energy prices. Snugg doesn’t make the changes for you, but we'll signpost you to installers that can.

How does the Snugg platform make its calculations?

After inputting your postcode, the Snugg platform generates a model of your property based on a number of sources including EPC certificate if available, and the Energy Savings Trust’s (EST) Home Analytics database. The Snugg tool then allows users to check the details created by this model and correct if required. We then use EST’s Dynamic Engine to model all possible combinations of energy savings measures to meet your budget and goal. Finally, Snugg generates a tailored action plan, identifying the most cost-effective measures.

How does Snugg make money? Does Snugg charge a fee?

Snugg is completely free for our users. We want to ensure everyone benefits from our service without any costs or hidden fees. So instead, we earn money by partnering with organisations who pay us a fee to provide their customers with a customised version of Snugg. We also receive limited referral fees and commissions from our installation partners.

Does Snugg provide financial support?

No. Instead, the Snugg platform helps you understand which sources of funding might be available to you. This might include government grants and loans, for example. We hope to include links to other financial options available through banks and other providers soon.

How much does it cost to use Snugg?

Nothing! Snugg is free for users.

Do you have to be a property owner to use Snugg?

No. Snugg is mostly aimed at property owners, including private landlords, who want to improve their home's energy efficiency. But some home energy improvement grants are available to tenants. So if you're a renting tenant, you'll need to check if you're eligible for the options we recommend and check your lease to make sure that you're allowed to make the energy efficiency changes suggested.

How do I find out my home’s EPC report?

If your home is in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, you can find your full EPC report on the website. If your home is in Scotland, you can find it on the Scottish Energy Performance Certificate Register.

How does Snugg calculate the property value increase as a result of installing improvements?

We estimate the value that your home will increase based on the highest of two calculations:

  1. How much, in today's money, your home’s energy bills will be reduced over a 12-year period (the average time people stay in their homes).
  2. The increase in price for heat pumps and solar installations as a percentage of the money spent on the improvement, based on historical data analysed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

We're constantly improving our approach and would value any feedback you may have in this area.