Seasonal installations to keep your home cool during the summer

UK summers are getting hotter, but you can cool your home without breaking the bank using seasonal shading and ventilation techniques.


Each year, the UK seems to register record-breaking high temperatures, and predictions suggest it’ll only get hotter in the years to come.  

While there’s a larger conversation to be had about global warming, the good news is that you don’t need to break the bank or install an air conditioning unit to lower the temperature at home.

There are a few handy, cost-effective tips and tricks to keep everything at home a little cooler. Let’s look at some seasonal installations that will help keep your home cool during the summer.

Types of seasonal cooling installations

There are several helpful options when it comes to temporary installations for summer cooling. From low-cost DIY solutions to more solid shading systems available, you can find the right fit for your home and budget.

  • Window shades and films: Installing window shades, shutters or solar control films helps block out excess heat from direct sunlight. This prevents indoor temperatures from getting uncomfortably hot.
  • Awnings and exterior shades: Retractable awnings or exterior window shades create areas of cooling shade around your home's windows and doors. They block sunlight before it enters.
  • Attic fans and ventilation: Improving attic ventilation and installing attic fans helps exhaust hot air that builds up in your roof space. This allows cooler air to circulate more freely.
  • Whole-house fans: These powerful fans work by pulling fresh, cooler air into your home through open windows while expelling hot indoor air through attic vents.
  • DIY cooling hacks: Get creative with easy DIY hacks like window boxes for climbing plants to provide shading or using box fans to increase indoor airflow.

With some simple seasonal installations tailored to your home, you can enjoy natural cooling strategies to combat summer heat without relying heavily on air con. It’s affordable and eco-friendly for warmth management.

Why install seasonal cooling measures?

Air conditioning units aren’t common in the UK. In fact, only 5% of households have one, compared to a whopping 90% in the US.1 They also use a lot of energy and contribute to higher utility bills and carbon emissions.

Seasonal cooling installations, on the other hand, allow you to take advantage of free or cheaper natural ventilation and shading to passively cool your home. These temporary solutions are easy to implement for the warmer months without the hassle or expense of permanent aircon installation.  

Many of them are DIY jobs, too. So you get full control over managing your home’s temperature efficiently.

With shading, enhanced airflow and other techniques, you can keep indoor temperatures comfortable while minimising the need to crank up energy-guzzling air conditioning.  

It’s a win for your comfort, your wallet and the planet. And once autumn arrives, you can simply remove or adjust the seasonal installations until next summer. Think of them as a flexible, sustainable way to stay cool through the hottest months of the year.

Benefits of seasonal summer cooling

Beyond only providing relief from summer heat, using temporary cooling solutions offers several advantages over traditional air conditioning alone.

  • Save money on energy bills: Passive cooling methods like shading and ventilation require no energy to operate, unlike power-hungry AC units. This helps reduce your utility costs over the warmest months.
  • Reduce carbon footprint: By minimising air conditioning usage, you’ll also cut down on the associated carbon emissions/CO2 from powering those systems. It’s a more environmentally friendly way to cool your home.
  • Improve indoor air quality: Increasing natural ventilation with fans and window openings promotes better indoor air circulation and quality compared to recycling the same stale air.
  • Simple installation and removal: Most seasonal cooling options can be easily installed or set up for summer and then taken down for winter without permanent alterations to your home.
  • Low maintenance requirements: Apart from occasional cleaning or adjustments, seasonal shades, fans and airflow systems require very little maintenance to operate effectively.

Whether you’re hoping to cut cooling costs, minimise environmental impact or just improve indoor comfort levels, putting in place the right seasonal installations can have a promising pay off. They’re an affordable, eco-conscious way to stay cool all summer long.

Tips for installing seasonal cooling

To get the best cooling results from your seasonal installations, keep these tips in mind:

  • Windows and shading: Start by installing exterior shades on south and west-facing windows to block the hottest afternoon sun from entering your home. You can also use light-coloured window coverings to reflect heat away and make sure the windows are still open for cross-ventilation purposes.  
  • Ventilation: Position window fans to work with natural airflow from cooler sides of the home. Also consider sealing air leaks around windows and doors to enhance efficiency of the fans you’re using. Clear attic vents and consider exploring insulation options to allow hot air to escape.
  • Landscaping: It turns out that being handy at gardening can help keep your home cool during the summer. Plant trees, vines or shrubs to provide shade over windows. It's also worth considering the use of awnings for pergolas to create shaded patios and spaces. You can also install a green roof system to insulate your home from solar heat gain.
  • Daily habits: A few simple daily habits can greatly reduce the heat from taking over your home during the summer. Actions like opening windows at night allow cooler air inside while closing blinds and curtains during the day block out the sun. Try to minimise indoor heat sources like ovens and lights when possible.

The right combination of shading, insulation and airflow control can make a big difference. With some simple seasonal installations and adjusted habits, you can maximise natural cooling strategies in your home. It’s a smart way to embrace summer in comfort.

You don’t need to let the summer heat take control and make your home too hot to handle. And the answer doesn’t necessarily have to be an air conditioning unit. For example, a more permanent and eco-friendly solution can come in the form of a heat pump.  

With some smart moves, like using shades and awnings or enhancing ventilation, you can beat the heat with cost-effective ways to keep your home cool throughout the summer months.

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